Some of our valued clients

Indoor Air Quality Management Making a difference, one building at a time.

Indoor Air Quality Management

Karen Rollins, a renowned Indoor Air Quality Manager, approached QBall Web Services to build a website for her Canmore, Alberta based business, IAQm. Karen is what we web designers refer to as a “dream client”. Karen knew exactly what the website should look like and
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Keeping 'em dancing since 1996

Party Party! DJ Services

One of the great things about being int the web development business is that you are not tied to any particular location when building a website. When Colin Seed moved to Nelson, B.C. from Calgary and took his DJ business with him, Party Party! DJ
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Liv Jewellery

When Liv Jewellery approached QBall Web Services about designing and building a website to display her very artistic wares, we were excited to be given an opportunity to build a website that combined e-commerce with a distinctive look which would fit her merchandise. The Liv
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Our mission is to work in co-operation with our patients to achieve a high level of dental health by the simplest means possible and to maintain that high level of health throughout life.

Dr. Murray Hennings DMD

Dr. Murray Hennings approached QBall Web Services to build his business website for his dental practice. It was hard to say, “yes we’d love to!”, with a mouth full of implements so I nodded to the affirmative. Murray told QBall Web Services he wanted a
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Magazine advertising software solutions. Inc. is one of QBall Web Servcices oldest and trusted clients. They came to us three years ago wanting their old website that was built some years earlier to be modernized with a fresh look. As is the case with a lot of our
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